Monday, February 28, 2011

GE 22nd Feb Adventure day out - Awesome!!

                                                                    A different view!

My account of GE's adventure day out is based on Prasad's viewpoint or rather Prasad's view and my points have translated his views hopefully correctly. GE is an awesome team overall, all the teams I have interacted with over phone or met in person have been very welcoming and receptive. Phani's team enjoyed all the activities that were on offer. I hope Suma has registered that into her account, that when it comes to adventure and a real team day out, she can always call us.We have had a very good relationship with GE.

Our adventure activities, team building activities & water sports is a great break from the cubicle. Phani's team had never experienced such an adventure outing. Paintball, rock rappelling, tight rope walking, river crossing, water sports such as kayaking & canoeing and a host of other adventure activities. So, what was so great about the GE adventure? I can't tell you much as the joy of rappelling down a rock as a first timer or an experienced adventure enthusiast is different each time. Facing the sky just like the earth faces the sky makes you feel afloat. This is just one of the many descriptions I have heard over many experiences. These will hopefully stay forever but this is not the end of it. You don't need to be an adventure enthusiast to explore or challenge yourself. I am sure Phani's team will try it again LEVEL 2 perhaps.

Phani was a little apprehensive of our facilities as there were people from abroad who were joining them. But after witnessing our facilities, I think that thought disappeared. I can proudly say again and again that we are the only adventure camp to have really have clean rest rooms and a kitchen so efficient that most restaurants would feel embarrassed.

I hope Phani's team continues exploring new adventure activities and enjoys the adventure every time.

So, why go to a boring resort?


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